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Welcome to my personal web site!!

I am a computer scientist by education, software architect by title, software programmer by daily routine and a rational person by desire. At home, whenever I am not with my computers, I am dad to my adorable daughters Akriti (Akku) and Unnati (Unni) and hubby to my loving wife Veena (Binu).

I created this website mainly to facilitate my learning of web technologies and as an excuse to organize some of my work in a usable [ by others ] form. Having said that, I do sincerely hope that my professional colleagues, friends and family members benefit from whatever I may place here.

I am an Enterprise Architect with Yahoo! in the Corporate Applications grouup and am working on an defining a data model for enterprise applications and Semantic Web based infrastructure software to exchange information among Yahoo! corporate applications.

My background includes participation (software development, afterall, is a team effort) in numerous software development projects, contributing as core developer, architect, and technical lead in the area of enterprise management software, middleware infrastructure, credit card transaction processing software and file systems. Have also authored a book on J2EE Security published by Prentice Hall while working on a J2EE based Application Server software. Have been involved in standards development, representing HP in Expert Groups JAX-RPC, JSR-109 (Web Services in J2EE), JSR-261 (Web Services connector for JMX) and OASIS Technical Committee for WSDM (Web Services Distributed Management).

I am B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, a premier institute for technology in India.

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Mar. 2005 -- More Power to the Adaptive Enterprise: Accessing Contextual Information from Management Systems at HP TechCon 2005

July, 2004 -- Bridging JMX Specification with Web Services Management Technologies at JavaOne 2004

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July 25, 2002 -- XML Performance Comparison with XPB4J at SD Forum

Apr. 25, 2002 -- Cocoon: A Framework for Web Services at SDWest 2002

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