Cocoon Resources

This is my Cocoon Resource page. Here you can find my work with this exciting technology. These are mostly point ( dated ) deliveries and, despite my wishes, I have not been able to keep them current with evolving Cocoon.

Cocoon: A Framework for Web Services -- Presented at SD West 2002 on April 25, 2002.

I had chosen the title at a time when we had grand plans to create Web Services frameworks around Cocoon. The actual presentation is more humbling and the only connection with Web Services is use of Cocoon as a client side framework to consume XML output from Web Services.

Cocoon Pipeline Probe ( CPP ) -- A GUI tool to monitor Cocoon Pipeline. Posted on July 23, 2001.

I developed this partly to debug my Cocoon applications and partly to satisfy my urge of creating a Swing based application. Although interesting as it is, it will need a lot of work to be of much real use while developing a complex system.

Understanding Cocoon2 -- Internal Presentation within HP. Posted on May 24, 2001.

I created this presentation to sell Cocoon within HP. At that time, Cocoon wasn't as rich in documentation as it is today, and it was a challenge to figure out what it is and what it can do ( I am sure some people will agree with that even today ). I believe it was quite successful in its goals.