Web Services Resources

This is my Web Services Resource page. Here you can find my work with this exciting technology.

J2EE Security for Servlets, EJBs and Web Services -- book published.

The J2EE Security book is now available in stores. Despite the word J2EE in its title, it gives a fairly comprehensive account of J2SE security capabilities and APIs, in addition to covering Security aspects of RMI, Servlets/JSP, EJB and Web Services based distributed applications.

As an added bonus to the readers of this page, the freely downloadable sample chapter is on Web Services Security.

Web Services with JAX-RPC and Apache Axis -- Presented at Web Developers Conference, Atlanta on Sep. 18, 2002.

I agreed to speak on JAX-RPC and Apache Axis at a time when we were working on HP Web Services Platform and actively considering embedding Axis into our platform. Six months down the road, the development of HP Web Services Platform has been discontinued and my primary responsibilities have changed. Still, my interest in these topics has not waned and I continue tracking the development in this area.

Web Services Over SSL -- A writeup on setting up Web Services with HTTPS protocol using Jakarta Tomcat and Apache Axis.

I wrote this paper and the sample code primarily to understand SSL support in Java and also to supply an example for HP Web Services Platform and Apache Axis. HP Web Services Platform has since been discontinued, and Apache Axis has changed signficantly. Still, the basic ideas still make sense and many have found this paper quite useful.