XML Processing Benchmark for Java


[Sep. 12, 2003] News: J2EE Security for Servlets, EJBs and Web Services by Pankaj Kumar has been published.

The J2EE Security book is now available in stores. Despite the word J2EE in its title, it gives a fairly comprehensive account of J2SE security capabilities and APIs, in addition to covering Security aspects of RMI, Servlets/JSP, EJB and Web Services based distributed applications.

A special feature of this book is the emphasis on performance cost of security operations!!

XPB4J-0.90 released on June 24, 2002 !!

Welcome to XPB4J-0.90, the 2nd release of XML Processing Benchmark for Java ( XPB4J ) !!

This release contains significant improvements over earlier release XPB4J-0.80 of October 2001, including support for dom4j API, XML Pull API and Jakarta Ant based script to compile and run the benchmark. You can View all the changes since XPB4J-0.80, get answer to your questions and get started with XPB4J User Guide.

You can also view performance figures and my conclusions for XStat Processing as observed on my AMD Athlon 900 MHz box running Windows 2000. For measurements, I have used JAXP libraries of J2SDK1.4.0, Xerces-J 1.4.4, Xerces-J 2.0.1, Xalan-Java 2.3.1, GNU JAXP 1.0 Beta1, Piccolo 1.02, XPP3, kXML, JDOM Beta8 and dom4j 1.3. I have also run the benchmark for some configurations on JRockit 1.3 and IBM JDK 1.3 JVMs, in addition to Sun's JDK 1.3.1 and JDK 1.4.0 JVM.

Also, XPB4J is now hosted at SourceForge !!

Download XPB4J-0.90 today and play with it.

Introduction to XPB4J

XPB4J is a Java software to measure and compare performance of XML Processing programs. XPB4J considers XML operations such as parsing, transformation, validation, encryption/decryption, custom access/manipulation or any combination of these applied to one or more XML files and/or byte streams as XML processing.

XPB4J consists of

  • Code to carry out certain XML processing tasks.
  • Code and script to run the processing tasks and report performance measurements.
  • XPB4J Framework to plug code and scripts for any processing.

As of XPB4J-0.90, XPB4J includes code for a specific processing activity, called XStat Processing, to collect certain statistics on an XML file. Different implementations of this activity are provided, each to use a different parsing APIs such as SAX, DOM, JDOM, XmlPull, DOM4J and XSLT.