Credits and Acknowledgements

  1. My loving wife Veena. For allowing me to work over the weekends and late evenings.
  2. Our daughters Akriti and Unnati. For being a constant source of inspiration for doing anything and everything and filling our life with love and joy.
  3. My employer Hewlett-packard Co. For providing me with a day job and creating an environment conducive to open source development.
  4. Aleksander Slominski For looking at XPB4J-0.80 seriously, identifying a serious bug and providing valuable feedback.
  5. Dennis Sosnoski of Sosnoski Software Solutions For provide encouraging feedback on XPB4J-0.80, suggest inclusion of dom4j API and more recently, for reviving my interest in XPB4J by his three part article on XML Performance in JavaWorld.
  6. Richard Friedman of HP Middleware. For insisting that I must host XPB4J at as an open ource project.
  7. David Stephenson of HP Middleware. For numerous discussions on XML performance issues in designing XML Streaming Parser API and Java Binding API.