Major Changes in XPB4J-0.90 since XPB4J-0.80

  1. Modified the measurement code to time a loop of operations than a single operation for geting average operation time. This takes care of incorrect results produced on very small input data files due to rounding errors.
  2. Pull Parser support modified as per the current specification of XmlPull API (1.0.8).
  3. Support for dom4j API added.
  4. Significantly more flexible and usable build.xml script for compiling and running the benchmark.
  5. Cocoon support was removed as I was having difficulty invoking Cocoon as a class ( non-servlet, non-commanline use ).
  6. Better and simpler reporting of performance data.
  7. XPB4J User Guide revamped.
  8. XPB4J home page created.
  9. XPB4J announced as an open source project hosted at SourceForge.