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Published by Slashdot

My review of Ant - The Definitive Guide got published by Slashdot with minor editorial changes.

As usual, the comments on the Slashdot book review provide interesting insight into what the developer community, not just a specific segment closely associated with the technology covered by the book, thinks about it. After reviewing these comments, I noted following points:

  1. Ant not good for build systems requiring both dependency driven and procedural (involving looping and conditional) actions. Need a build framework invocable from general purpose scripting language. More gripes on lack of conditionals.
  2. Is XML syntax good or bad for Ant? You decide after reading this, this and this.
  3. Ant versus make. Ant is no make, but includes those capabilities. Scons is an alternative for Python fans. BTW, there are people who like Ant over Make.
  4. Ant and Maven.
  5. Need a GUI for Ant. Personally, I am perfectly happy without GUI.

Well, not much discussion on the book review or the book itself, though.


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