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Google knows more about me (than I do)

A case in point: In response to a query on my recent articles on Web Services, I did a Google Search for "Pankaj Kumar We Services" and was let to this interview.

Now, I remember answering these questions as a response to an e-mail, but wasn't aware that it was actually published. And it is not that I get interviewed every day or even every month! So, publication of the interview was an important thing for me. And Google knew about it, at least in some way.

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It is a transparent world. Major search engines know almost everything about everybody.

Were you aware that the email interview was a survey? The publisher should have been kind enough to inform you about the interview being published, if not compensate for info sharing.

Good luck.



Thats surprising in this world of transparency. But what matters is that when you have answeredtheir survey, they should have atleast informed you abut publishing on the web.

Now I begin to think that somebody may be knowing more about me than I am. I tried to search for my name on web. Behold! Google had an entry that I had submitted a feedback to indrail (Indian Railways online) some 2 years ago. Its a small world.


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