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Migration to new hosting server complete

I wrote about changing the web hosting company few weeks ago as one of the holiday projects. Well, this project took much longer than orginally anticipated. It was only yesterday that I changed the DNS settings at my domain name Registrar. Within hours, all new connections to www.pankaj-k.net were being routed to the new server.

Moving the static content was not much of a problem. It was my blog that presented real challenge. In fact, it is not done yet! I will say more about blog migration in a future entry.

Another challenge was ensuring good web traffic log analysis at the new Server. Although this hosting company gives me much better access to the server, it uses Analog for web traffic log analysis, which I found inferior to the what I had before at earthlink.net. So, I installed AWStats-6.2. This compares quite favorably with the version of Urchin that was used by earthlink.net. More on this comparison in a separate blog entry.

You will notice additional information on the main page and some minor changes in the site design. Hope you like the changes.


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