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Upgrading JMX: JMX1.2 --> JMX2.0

Came across this JSR titled Java Management Extensions (JMX) Specification, version 2.0, promising easier to use JMX API.

As outlined in my Evolving JMX paper, I see a number of areas where JMX needs to be improved:

  1. Better support for management models: Although one could use JMX MBeans as proxy for real managed resources, the JMX specification doesn't mandate this or even provide relevant guidelines. As a result, I see a lot of MBeans which are just support classes made available to Admin. console applications. It would help to have guidelines on what should be made as MBeans so that a generic management application can construct a management model just by discovering the MBeans.
  2. Better support for management specific mechanisms: Specifically, JMX should have built-in support for State and Metrics. The current support for relationships through Relationship MBeans and Relationship service, although very flexible, is very difficult to use and hasn't got much traction.
  3. Supporting non-Java clients: Open MBeans allow use of data types that can be used by non-Java clients but they are difficult to use. Platform MXBeans, introduced in J2SE5.0, are a much better alternative. I would like to see user defined MXBeans to be part of JMX specification.

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Good work.


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