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Evolving JMX: on the cover of WebSevices Journal

I was pleasantly surpised to find the Evolving JMX article as the Web Services Journal cover story. (Note: the cover link will probably work only for a month but I don't know how to get the permanent URL).

The full article can be accessed either as a collection of HTML pages or within the PDF version of the WSJ November Issue. I personally prefer the PDF version as it has less clutter and better flow.

This article, co-authored with Chris Peltz, was a direct result of our work on WSMF and OpenView Smart Plug-In for Web Logic Integration, though the article itself doesn't mention these.

Unlike some of my earlier work, this article is not a "HOW-TO" guide on making a known technology work -- it is more about combining existing technologies (JMX and WSDM) in interesting ways and evolving ideas on how to make them work together in even better way (than currently possible). This is the kind of work I always wanted to do.

I am excited to say that thi WSJ article is not a one-off thing. I and Chris have further evolved our ideas and are currently working on another article titled "Five Best Practices for JMX Development: Making Java Applications Good Citizens of SOA". This article builds upon the main concepts of the WSJ article and provide guidelines on how to design JMX MBeans for better manageability in general, and through WSDM in particular. Stay tuned.


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