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Improving on WORD to PDF coversion

Few weeks ago I made an entry on converting WORD (or any other proprietary format) to PDF using opensource tools. This worked but was quite time-consuming, especially if you wanted to convert multiple documents. Another drawback was that you needed a PostScript printer (an implicit assumption).

Yesterday, while trying to convert a PPT slideset to PDF, I discovered a simpler method. The two steps (i)genrate a PS file (.PRN Printer file for PostScript printer); and (ii)convert the PS file to PDF; are still there but the second step can be greatly simplified by using commandline utlity ps2pdf of GhostScript (I used GS8.00). It cuts a good number of mouse-clicks and significantly reduces the conversion time. In addition, you can use this command in a script, furhter simplifying the process.

The first step in the original entry assumed that you have a PS printer. While working on an offline laptop running Windows2000, I discovered that you can "Add a Printer" with "FILE:" as the output port! So, you don't really need a PS printer. Here are the detailed steps:
1. Goto Start --> Settings --> Printers. Click on "Add Printer".
2. On "Local or Network Printer" screen, Select Local Printer and uncheck "automatic detection and plug&play printer.
3. On "Select the Printer Port" screen, Select "FILE: Print to File".
4. In Manufacturers dropdown list, choose "HP", in Printers dropdown list, choose "HP Deskjet 1200C/PS". Other combinations including a PS printer should also work.
5. Select default/obvious values for other screens.

You are now ready to go!

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hello pankaj where are you from?



Thanks so much for the tip. It worked!



Thanks Pankaj.. Great trick and it works really well



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