Cocoon: A Framework for Web Services


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Table of Contents

Cocoon: A Framework for Web Services

Presentation Goals

Speakersí Qualifications

Presentation Topics

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Apache Cocoon

Apache Cocoon ( Contd. )

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Getting Started

Cocoon Welcome Page

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Cocoon Sitemap

Cocoon Sitemap ( Contd. )

A sample pipeline

Request Processing By Cocoon

Dynamic Content from XSP

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Defining Web Services

SOAP 1.1

WSDL 1.1

What is a Web Services Platform ?

Java Platforms and Standards

Observations on Java Platforms and Standards

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Cocoon as a Presentation Framework for Web-Services

Cocoon as a Processing Framework for Web Services

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Problem Statement

Application Components

Application Architecture

Demo Architecture

Web Application Demo

Author: Pankaj Kumar


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