Web Services with JAX-RPC and Axis
Pankaj Kumar, email: pankaj_kumar@hp.com

I created this Web Services with JAX-RPC and Axis Presentation[PPT] for a talk at Web Developers' Conference organized by Technology Association of Georgia. The presentation included demo of a simple program and code walk-through. The presentation and the sources can be downloaded in a single bundle[ZIP]. The detailed instructions for running the program are in the presentation itself.

The presentation has 3 main parts:

If you want to run the programs and use the batch script setenv.bat to set the classpath, modify the batch file so that environment variable AXIS_HOME points to your installation directory for Apache Axis.

Note: If you find the presentation useful or notice defects or simply feel that I should have addressed few more issues, let me know. If I get many such mails, I may be able to motivate myself to update/revise/improve this presentation.